Examples of a sales models in Finance|Fintech –  B2C Sales and how to create the right expectations of sales performance


new akquisition sales commission

Example of Sales performance in Client retention Teams

retention sales example

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Examples for Sales Commission Model in B2C Sales aim here is to incentivise the sales rep to get  new business and focus to increase and maintain the existing business that is already on-boarded, otherwise the multiplier of sales bonus/ commission wont kick in.


new business bonus model for sales agents

Whats the right way to start measuring your teams performance ?

We are looking here at various parts from lead generation, lead status (pipeline, expected revenue and retained accounts.

In this specific case we are looking at a business that is mainly generation leads and potential customers through direct acquisition such as organic inbound lead, ppc and ad words campaigns, content marketing efforts and just started to bring in strategic key partners or affiliates ( see indirect lead sources) as they just build up/ increased the size of their business development team.

Sales reporting

Depending on the firms strategic vision we can help you to set a specific goal for each division. Even though not visible in the stats above and with a small number of indirect Leads this firm is generating more then 5 M in annual revenue through key partnerships, which is around 3 times the revenue of their direct business. Next steps for us is a comparison of the cost of acquisition for direct leads / marketing and conversion spend , compared to the revenue share with their strategic key accounts.

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