In the initial stage we will have a free 20 minute assessment with you over the phone to define the next steps. During the course of call we work together with you on your goal and specify how we can enable you to reach it with our guidance.

Initial Assessment (free of charge)

High Level Sales Concept – Fixed Fee (199,00 EUR- 1 hour)

Enhanced Initial Assessment – Fixed Fee (399,00 EUR – 2 hours + 30 Minutes Free)

Customized Action plan – Fixed Fee (399,00 EUR – 2 hours)


Individual Package creation + 3 months service level agreement offer online and on site visits starting from 6999,00 EUR. excl. vat.

Basic Individual package includes.

  • Sales team structure&organisational setup
  • Sales process, sales handbook, sales commission model setup
  • Hire and train existing or new sales team
  • Mentoring and monitoring sales team
  • KPI setup
  • Sales strategy and long term success plan
  • CRM Setup and structure
  • 2H Marketing action Plan
  • 1 Hour 1-1 Key account management and pipeline mentorship
  • 20 Hours Online support
*On site is currently only available in Europe

We start our enhanced assessment with our client on a 1 hour call which is included in the high level sales concept. For customized package we are happy for a meeting in person to discuss and specify the potential outcome of our action plan and set clear goals and timelines depending on the size of the project.

After the goal has been specified we prepare a customized offer including an estimated time investment to realize his goal.  The majority of our project work require 1-3 months until the specified goal is reached. We provide an ongoing guidance and support to our clients of up to 6 months together with a weekly sales performance review online or in person on site depending on the services required.